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Extend the Life of Your Washer and Dryer

Anyone who has ever experienced the sudden loss of a washer or dryer knows just how frustrating it can be. You have a load of laundry to do, and you’re left scrambling to either make it to a laundromat or call in a plumber, pronto. And because washers and dryers so often seem to fizzle […]

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Spotting a Garburator Leak

Even a well-maintained garburator can, over time, spring a leak—and if it does, you’ll know it. You may reach into your under-sink cabinet one day and find that there’s a pool of water. That’s a pretty good indication that your garburator is leaking, but it doesn’t answer the question of where exactly the leak is […]

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Stay Safe During Your DIY Plumbing Projects

You may not think of home plumbing projects as particularly dangerous or hazardous to your health—but of course it’s important to exercise caution throughout any home repair project. Take it from our Vancouver plumbers, plumbing is certainly no exception. Tackling a plumbing project without the proper foresight and prudence can not only cause damage to […]

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Do Your Drains Smell Foul?

Indoor plumbing is a wonderful thing. It allows you to run water, wash yourself, or use the bathroom and know that both your water and your waste will be transported out of your home and into the municipal sewer system (or into your septic draining field). The only wrinkle in all of this is that […]