Toilet Installation Process

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How our plumbers will install your new toilet.

What can you expect, when an plumber arrives at your home to install a new toilet? The process is straightforward, hassle-free, and intended to leave your home just the way we found it—minus the installation of the new toilet! Here is what our process entails:

  • First, our plumber will survey the work area, ensure that the main water shutoff can be easily accessed (in case of emergency), and do everything required to protect the work area. This entails putting down mats and canvases to keep your floors and all nearby appliances totally safe and clean.
  • Next, our plumber will uninstall the existing toilet. We’ll also remove it from your home and either recycle or dispose of it as needed.
  • Then, our plumber will carry the new toilet into your home and get to work installing it.
    Once the toilet is installed, our plumber will check to make sure the water is connected properly—that there is no risk of a leak or of a malfunction. We will also ensure that the toilet works exactly as intended, checking and testing it thoroughly before leaving your home.
  • Our plumber will remove all cardboard and packing from the new toilet and clean up the entire work area. Our goal is to leave behind no clutter, no mess, no evidence that we were even in your home working.
  • Finally, before leaving your home, our plumbing professional will make recommendations as to any potential maintenance issues or opportunities for improvement that he or she sees in your home.

Each of these steps is included in the straightforward, up-front pricing that we provide. The bottom line is that seeks to provide peerlessly easy and surprise-free toilet installations for homeowners across Vancouver—so book an appointment online today to set up your toilet service!

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