Routine Drain Cleaning

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Why Invest in Routine Drain Cleaning?

Many homeowners enlist professional plumbers to clean and clear their drains any time they get clogged—but what about when those drains aren’t clogged? Is there any real reason to invest in routine drain cleaning services—annual appointments to have all of your drains inspected and thoroughly cleaned out? The answer is a resounding yes—and for more reasons than one.

Getting Rid of Buildup and Debris

Having your drains cleaned when there doesn’t seem to be an issue or a clog may seem unnecessary—but just because you don’t see or sense a problem doesn’t mean there isn’t one. As you use your home plumbing system, debris and buildup accumulates. This is true of bathroom drains; it is true of the drains in your basement, and it is especially true of drains in your kitchen, which tend to get a lot of grease and food residue buildup. As these drains get dirtied, they can become significantly impaired, and truly severe clogs can form. Routine drain cleaning services ward off these problems.

Keeping Things Clean

Of course, some homeowners engage in a different sort of routine drain cleaning—with the use of household cleaning products and drain cleaning agents. This might seem effective, but there can also be some unintended and negative consequences. These chemicals can often have a corrosive effect on pipes, which means you’re doing your plumbing a disservice in the long haul. In addition, these chemical drain cleaners often have a negative environmental impact; professional drain cleaning services can keep your drains clog-free without harming the pipes and without the use of environmentally harmful chemicals.

Further Complications

Still another reason to call in a professional drain cleaning service is that it provides plumbers with a chance to check your home for more serious, unseen problems. For example, while cleaning your drains, a plumber might note that there are tree roots growing into your drain line—something you haven’t yet witnessed for yourself. The plumber can then resolve this problem before it becomes any more serious or any more costly.

A Longer Lifespan

Finally, routine drain cleaning services can extend the life of your home plumbing system—the pipes, the fixtures, everything. Taking good care of your plumbing ensures that it function as intended for as long as possible—and in the long run, it keeps operational expenses to a minimum.

Bottom line: Regular drain cleanings are the smart way to go. We’re ready and able to provide this essential service to homeowners throughout the Vancouver area—so contact us today to schedule your drain cleaning!

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