Businesses Conserve Water

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How Businesses Can Conserve Water

Our plumbing professionals don’t just assist homeowners in the Vancouver area, but business owners, as well. We’ve provided drain cleaning services for commercial kitchens, plumbing installations for office facilities, and more. In addition, we are pleased to do what we can to help businesses conserve water.

There are a number of reasons why your company might wish to make water conservation a top priority. One is that it’s a fairly easy way to show a green commitment—something that’s increasingly important to companies throughout the nation. In addition, water conservation means monthly savings on your company’s water bill.

But what are some simple ways in which businesses can curb their excessive water use? A few ideas include:

  • An obvious way to cease water waste is to repair any leaks around pipes, fixtures, and appliances. This much probably goes without saying, and yet many business owners neglect to perform periodic checks of their pipes and fixtures, ensuring that there are no leaks in need of repair.
  • Installing high-efficiency plumbing fixtures is ideal—including toilets, urinals, clothes washers, dishwashers, showerheads, and whatever other plumbing fixtures your company has.
  • Checking the water line pressure can also yield some results; make sure your pressure isn’t above 65 psi, or else you may be wasting a fair amount of water.
  • You can save on your outdoor watering expenses by replacing water-thirsty turf with Bermuda or Buffalo grasses, both of which can survive droughts and dry spells without needing to be extra-watered.
  • Performing periodic checks of your irrigation system is recommended, assuming you’re using an irrigation system outside your office. Make sure the timers are set to water during the nighttime or in the cool of the morning, when the water is less likely to evaporate.
  • Whenever you can, use reclaimed water. You can contact local water authorities to learn more about this, but reclaimed water is not only very cheap, but also ideal for use in cooling towers, irrigation, etc.
  • Finally, consider implementing a water conservation awareness program for your employees. This does not have to be anything too formal or exhaustive; simply make it clear that smart water use is a goal for your company, and offer some ways in which your team members can help work toward this goal.

To learn more about workplace water conservation, or to request assistance installing efficient plumbing fixtures or repairing leaks, contact our team today!

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