Common HVAC Problems

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Curing Common HVAC Problems

A home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning components are of the most important systems for creating a comfortable living environment. When the HVAC system is broken, it’s easy to notice. When just one component of these complex systems isn’t functioning properly, the entire system can become rundown, inefficient, and expensive.

Heating and cooling make up the single biggest energy expense in most homes. There are a number of problems that can arise with an HVAC system, and some are actually easy and cheap to fix!

Dirty Filters

When air travels through your home, it passes through a number of filters to help keep out allergens and pollutants. These filters become filthy quickly and when they are covered in dirt and grime, air can’t easily flow into the rooms to heat or cool them. Buying disposable filters won’t break the bank, and during the peak months – cooling in the summer and heating in the winter – replacing the filters every month will help keep the system running at its best.

Some systems also have a series of permanent filters. Like their disposable counterparts, these components become clogged with frequent use. Cleaning filters regularly saves money and prevents unnecessary wear to the system.

Leaking Refrigerant

Air conditioning units use refrigerants to create the cool air needed in the hot summer months. Traditional units have condensers that require certain amounts of the liquid refrigerant to function properly. When there is a leak, the condensers can’t do their jobs and cool the air. If you notice that the air flowing through the vents isn’t as cold as it should be, odds are you’ve got a leak. Luckily, adding more Freon to units can temporarily fix the problem, and it is typically inexpensive to seal off leaks in the unit. Professional plumbers can easily provide solutions and save you time and worry.

Broken Thermostat

If heat isn’t coming on in the winter or cool air isn’t blowing during the summer, the thermostat might be the culprit. When a thermostat breaks down, people often mistakenly fear that the air conditioner or furnace is malfunctioning and worry that the costs of repair will be too high. Use a trusted thermometer and place it on the wall near the thermostat. Check to see if the temperatures match. If you notice the thermostat is broken, professionals can replace the units easily and cheaply.

Tripped Breakers

Sometimes air conditioners and furnaces seem unresponsive, but they are actually functioning perfectly. The real cause of the problem in this case might be the breaker system. When breakers are tripped, the system isn’t getting power. Check the breaker box and flip the switch back to the on position, but beware: when these switches trip, it’s often for a reason. If the problem happens repeatedly, call a professional to check things out and fix the problem

These are just some of the problems that might plague HVAC systems. Fixing these common issues is simple, but all too often, more complex breakdowns occur. If you just can’t figure out what the problem is, or have tried some of these basic fixes, give the professionals at a call. We’ll come out, diagnose and fix the issue and get your home’s systems back up and running in no time.

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