Repairing Drain Tile

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Repairing Drain Tile

For homeowners, drain tile is easy to overlook. It’s well hidden beneath the surface of the home’s perimeter, which means it’s not something you see every day—or ever, unless you make a special point to look for it. Nevertheless, drain tile is important. In fact, it is one of the home’s foremost lines of defense against potential water damage.

Consider what would happen if your home did not have any drain tile. Were that drain tile to up and vanish, or simply become broken, water would be free to seep into your basement, causing potential flooding and water damage. That water damage would be done to the very structure of your home, making it one home plumbing problem you definitely want to avoid!

Repairing Your Drain Tile

It is essential, then, to repair drain tile as soon as it becomes necessary—but how will you know when your tile is damaged? Keep your eyes open for water damage or flooding in your basement. When you see it, it’s time to attempt some drain tile repair—or else to call in a professional plumber.

Should you choose to attempt the drain tile repair on your own, some basic steps include:

  • At the area where the damage is apparent, attempt to unearth the drain tile. If you see water damage in the basement, the drain tile damage is likely close by, on the drain tile opposite the wall. Heavy machinery or digging equipment may be needed, just depending on how deep the drain tile is and how hard the ground has become.
  • There is a gravel layer that covers the drain tile and the footer. Clear this away, but save it for reuse when you complete the repair work.
  • Remove whatever damaged sections of the drain pipe you see; you may have to cut away some sections of pipe to get to them.
  • Replace the damaged tile with new tile—ensuring, before you even begin, that you have the proper size. Take some measurements to make sure the replacement tile matches the previous tile.
  • Last, make sure to replace the gravel and sediment when you are done. This plays an integral role in water filtration and in keeping your home safe from water damage.

It’s not an easy job, but it will ultimately save you a staggering amount of time and headaches, down the road. For further assistance with this big home repair project, contact our professional plumbing team today!

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