Plumbing Secrets for First-Time Homeowners

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Plumbing Secrets for First-Time Homeowners

When you live in an apartment or a dorm, you don’t necessarily need to learn too much about plumbing; should there ever be a problem with the plumbing, you’ve just got to call the landlord or the superintendent and you’ll hopefully get a quick fix, at no cost to you. When you buy your first home, however, things are different. Suddenly, it’s all on you to maintain your plumbing and to ensure that the fixtures and appliances in your home are working properly.

This can be a little bit overwhelming for the first-time homeowner, but there are a few tricks of the trade that may come in handy—some plumbing secrets that will save you some time and some headaches over the long haul.

A Different Way to Flush

Should you ever find that one of your toilets doesn’t flush properly, don’t panic! This doesn’t mean that you have to run around your neighborhood looking for a toilet to borrow; it just means you need to get a big bucket, fill it to the halfway point, and dump it into the toilet bowl—which will effectively flush and clean your toilet. It won’t refill the tank, and there is likely some deeper issue to be resolved, but at least it will give you some use out of your toilet.

The Power of the Plunger

Another tip that could save you some hassle, and perhaps even some money: Invest in a couple of good plungers. You can use these to unclog sinks as well as toilets. It is remarkable how many homeowners jump straight to augers, or to calling professional plumbers, when they develop clogs—often when a simple plunger would solve the problem just fine.

Shutting It Down

Somewhere in your house, there is a valve that will allow you to completely shut off the water supply. As you move into your new home, make sure you locate it and know how it works. If there is ever a leak or a plumbing problem in your home, being able to quickly turn off the water could potentially save you thousands of dollars’ worth of water/flood damage!

Keys to the Kingdom

A final tip: Make sure you invest in a set of hex keys/Allen wrenches, when you go out to buy those plungers. Many plumbing fixtures use small bolts and screws that can be tightened or loosened with a hex key—something that can ultimately make it easy for you to address minor leaks.

These tips will not prevent plumbing issues from arising—and when they do, we invite you to call our team of professional Vancouver-area plumbers. Hopefully, though, these tips will give you a better understanding of your home plumbing, and help you feel prepared to address whatever issues come up!

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