Call a Professional Plumber for Toilet Installation?

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Should You Call a Professional Plumber for Toilet Installation?

Sooner or later, every homeowner encounters the need to replace a toilet. Sometimes this is strictly for aesthetic purposes: An older toilet may look dated or it may become scratched up and rickety. Other times, of course, it may be because the toilet simply fails to work properly, everyday wear and tear finally rendering it unusable. The question homeowners face, then, is this: Should you call a professional plumber to replace your toilet, or should you take it on as a DIY project?

Replacing a toilet on your own is possible, though difficult for anyone without some plumbing or handyman experience. You can look up YouTube videos to get a feel for how it is done, but before you try to tackle this project on your own, consider some of the advantages of calling in the pros:

  • For one, a professional plumber can offer you advice on upgrading your model. Not all toilets are created equal, and, if you’re not a professional plumber, you may not have a feel for the different benefits that different toilet models offer. Enhance cleaning features, low-flow options, toilet risers—these are all features you’ll want to get an expert opinion on, and a professional plumber will be able to offer it.
  • It’s not just toilet selection that professional plumbers can help you with, but also toilet installation. You might be surprised by the number of things that can go wrong with an improperly-done toilet installation, ranging from a rickety/wobbly toilet to problems with the water flow; by doing it yourself you may end up with a toilet that runs all the time, or a toilet that rocks when you use it. A professional can ensure 100 percent quality in the installation.
  • Also worth noting: Should there ever be anything wrong with the toilet, you’ll benefit from having the installation and the parts warrantied—something a professional plumber can offer.
  • Finally, note that sometimes a toilet installation will reveal deeper, more systematic problems with your pipes and your plumbing—something that only a trained professional will be able to notice and identify.

All told, toilet replacement is really something best left to professional plumbers. To learn more, or to schedule your toilet replacement, contact our Vancouver plumbing team today!

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