Creating More Space in Your Bathroom

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Creating More Space in Your Bathroom

There are plenty of reasons why homeowners think about remodeling their rooms, often starting with the bathroom. Sometimes it is because they desire a more modern aesthetic. Sometimes they simply wish for a change, having looked at the same décor, fixtures, and paint job for a decade or more. And sometimes a bathroom remodel is desired simply to create more space—more space to store towels and toiletries, more space to move around, more space to feel good and comfortable in your bathroom.

Truly creating a larger bathroom space is a fairly big job, of course; it requires an addition to the home, or space taken from an adjoining room. Taking an existing bathroom space and making it feel more spacious—or making better, more efficient use of the space currently available—now those are more realistic, small-scale goals.

Here are some tips for doing exactly that:

  • Choose a more spacious color. If your bathroom is painted in a particularly dark hue, it makes the room feel a lot smaller and more cramped than it really is. You might be surprised by just how much a fresh, light coat of paint can open up the space and make it feel more cavernous.
  • Add some storage space. Sometimes bathrooms feel cramped and small because you’ve got a lot of stuff piled up—towels, toiletries, even vases or bits of décor. Get some of this stuff off the floor and the sink area by installing some open shelves on the walls, or even by bringing in a small, free-standing storage unit—which will take up some space but make the room feel less cluttered.
  • Take clutter out of the room. Another strategy, of course, is just to de-clutter the room, removing whatever items are not really needed—especially things that are just decorative. If you store a lot of towels in the bathroom, think about just moving them to a linen closet somewhere.
  • Invest in some smaller fixtures. If your toilet and your faucets are older, they may be in a large, clunky style—taking up more room than they really need to. Uninstalling them and replacing them with sleek, svelte new models can freshen your bathroom’s look and make it seem like a much more accommodating space—though this is something you’ll want to do with the guidance of a trained, professional plumber!

There is much you can do to make your bathroom feel like a more utilitarian and comfortable place. To learn about the options we provide for toilet and fixture replacement, we invite you to contact our plumbing team today!

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