Preparing for a Bathroom Remodel


Preparing for a Bathroom Remodel

While we are not actually a remodeling company, we have helped many homeowners and contractors to install new plumbing fixtures, and even to overhaul the look of their bathroom. As such, we’ve seen a fair number of bathroom remodeling projects, in varying states of completion, and we know that it can be an awfully big, hectic job. Our advice for any homeowner thinking about a full bathroom remodel, then, is simply this: Prepare yourself.

And how exactly can you really prepare for a bathroom remodel? We recommend that you take each of the following steps:

  • First, budget. Draw a line in the sand as to how much money you can spend. Make sure your budget incorporates all aspects of the project, from labor to materials, and that you try to overbudget rather than budget too little. Having a budget in place will show you exactly what you can and cannot do for your bathroom remodel.
  • Also think about how much time your project will take. A full bathroom remodel can take a week or more, and it may mean that your bathroom is out of commission for the duration; are you and your family ready to make that sacrifice? By contrast, contacting a plumbing company to simply change out a couple of fixtures—a more small-scale project—is usually doable in a much shorter span of time, even within one day.
  • Remember that sometimes the remodeling process will uncover hidden problems in your bathroom—some plumbing issues that you didn’t realize you had, but that require quick attention. For this, we simply recommend having the number of a good plumber handy—and of course, we’d volunteer ourselves for the job!
  • As you remodel your bathroom, you want to think about aesthetics and functionality. As far as aesthetics go, you likely want to avoid anything too “trendy,” because of course trends change and you don’t want your bathroom to become dated. Instead choose a more timeless look. As for functionality, think about your family’s changing needs—aging parents, growing children—and factor that into the bathroom design.
  • Regardless of how big or minor your renovation project is, we’d recommend at least looking at your plumbing fixtures, assessing their wear and tear and also looking into the cost of new fixtures. In most cases, it is quite advantageous to simply have your old faucets, showerheads, and even toilets replaced.

For more insights, or to speak with us about your bathroom plumbing needs, please contact our team today!

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