Get the Most Out of Your Hot Water Heater

Installed hot water tank

Get the Most Out of Your Hot Water Heater

Your hot water heater is essential for ensuring comfort and convenience in your home. Sadly, no hot water heater lasts forever; if you’re lucky you will get somewhere between 15 and 20 years out of yours, but eventually all units need replacement. The good news is, there are some basic maintenance steps you can take to ensure that your heater lasts as long as possible, and that you and your family members receive ultimate comfort from it.

Some of those steps include:

  • Set the temperate appropriately. This is sort of a plumber’s secret: Most heaters come with a default setting of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but the vast majority of homeowners only really need it to be set to 120. Turn down the temperature a bit to save on heating bills, cut down on the wear and tear of your unit, and reduce potential scalding accidents.
  • Insulate your unit. A water heater that is insulated will run much more efficiently. Is yours insulated? If it isn’t, or if you’re not sure, you may wish to call a plumber to have it looked at and some insulation added. This will pay off in the long run!
  • Flush your unit. Flushing out the hot water heater basically means removing all the grit and sediment that has built up inside it. This doesn’t need to be done every day or even every month, but doing it every year or two is recommended. If you do not know how to do it or have never done it before, call your plumber; it can sometimes be a bit complicated, and it’s best to first watch an expert do it before attempting it yourself.
  • Be mindful of the expiration date. Did you know that your water heater—more likely than not—has a date printed somewhere on it, showing when the unit was installed and when it is expected to need replacement? It’s a good idea to know when this date is, and, as it approaches, to start looking around for good deals on new units or even to have your current one inspected. Your unit may last much longer than that expiration date, but it’s good to be prepared.

Do what you can to ensure a long life for your hot water heater—and be sure to call our plumbing team if you need any additional help!

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