Don’t Ignore These Plumbing Problems

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Don’t Ignore These Plumbing Problems

For homeowners, it is all too easy to ignore minor problems as they surface—not wanting to do the work to fix them, or to pay someone to come out and look at it for you. Many well-intentioned homeowners assume that the little issues present in their homes are, indeed, no big deal—and in some cases perhaps they are.

In other cases, though, these small issues can actually be anything but trivial. When left unattended, they can transform into much more dire and urgent problems. It is important to nip these in the bud before they snowball into full-blown crises.

There are many plumbing problems that fit into this category—“little” problems that actually aren’t that little at all. If you observe any of these issues in your own home, it’s smart to get them looked at sooner rather than later!

  1. Blocked drains. You may think you can just work around a single blocked drain, but take note: If that drain is in the path of your waste water, you could be looking at some backflow in your house—not pleasant! And even if it’s not, blocked drains can develop into more serious problems pretty quickly.
  2. Intermittent hot water. There could be multiple causes of water that’s only sporadically hot, though most likely it has something to do with the water heater itself. This isn’t something that will resolve itself, though; if you want to avoid cold showers, you’ll have to get your issue looked at by a plumber.
  3. Puddles around your water heater. Is your water heater leaking? If so, there’s something wrong with it, and you may want to have it looked at before the unit gives out on you completely.
  4. Toilets that won’t stop running. Non-stop running toilets are problematic for multiple reasons, foremost among them the fact that it wastes water and costs you a lot of money. Again, this is something that won’t just get better on its own, and often a plumber can repair the toilet by simply replacing a few small components.
  5. Garburator issues. Any problems with your garburator warrant a closer inspection by an experienced plumber, as a faulty disposal could lead to bad odors and waste being sent back up the pipes and into your kitchen sink!

Plumbing problems, when ignored, can very often lead to brutal consequences. Don’t look the other way! Call a professional plumber today!

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