“Sudden” Plumbing Problems Have Underlying Causes

“Sudden” Plumbing Problems Have Underlying Causes

Most homeowners have had the experience of seeing a plumbing problem materialize suddenly—almost overnight, it might seem. You go to bed and, to the best of your knowledge, your home plumbing is all working fine. Then you wake up to a toilet that won’t flush or a faucet that sputters and spews. What gives with these sudden plumbing breakdowns?

The truth is, very few plumbing problems are actually sudden. Almost always, there is a more serious underlying issue that causes your plumbing to malfunction. And more often than not, some preventative maintenance can keep these underlying issues from growing into more pressing matters.

Trouble with Clogs

Consider clogs—either clogged toilets or other clogged drains. If you’re constantly having to break out the old plunger to deal with stubborn clogs, what it probably means is that you’re not having your drains cleaned regularly. This preventative maintenance can save you the hassle of constantly clogged drains.

In fact, if a single toilet or drain is continually causing problems, or if it seems always to be draining very slowly, you may want to call a plumber, as there could be more serious issues with your pipes, including a significant obstruction somewhere in the line.

Other “Sudden” Plumbing Problems

Some other plumbing problems that may not be as abrupt as they first seem:

  • Sputtering or gurgling faucets. If you notice this just once, it is likely just air in the pipes. If it happens a lot, though, then there could be an issue—a cracked or broken water pipe, a water heater issue, a water pressure issue, or—for those who are not on city water—a problem with the well. Whatever the case, this seemingly minor problem can actually point to a serious underlying issue.
  • Dripping pipes in the basement. Hopefully, this is just a matter of condensation—but it could be a leak, and that could spell big problems if you don’t have it fixed soon!
  • A water heater with issues. Whether it’s puddles around your water heater or rust-colored water, you don’t want to let water heater issues go unaddressed for long; early preventative maintenance may help you avoid the need to replace your unit altogether.

Invest in preventative maintenance, and avoid these “sudden” plumbing problems. Call one of our Vancouver plumbing pros today!

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