Give Your Dishwasher Some TLC

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Give Your Dishwasher Some TLC

The dishwasher is one of those great home appliances that we use so much, and rely on so heavily, that we can really start to take it for granted. You never really think about your dishwasher until it’s out of commission. Then, as dishes start to stack up or your fingers turn pruney from dishwater, you wish you’d been more attentive to your dishwasher’s needs.

There are plenty of ways in which your dishwasher can fail you. It can start to smell. It can lose its ability to clean and dry quite so powerfully. It can simply die on you, leaving you with the need to replace the whole unit.

But with some proper care, many of these issues can be avoided. So how do you give proper care to your dishwasher?

Caring For Your Dishwasher: Some Tips

  • Remember to always scrape your dishes before you load them into the dishwasher. Your dishwasher can be great for scrubbing off grease and residue, but you don’t want to fill it with dishes that are still covered in crumbs or big globs of food!
  • Don’t pack your dishwasher too tightly, either. You can fill it, but make sure all the items you load into it have a bit of room around them for the soap and water to get in. If need be, wash a few items by hand; it’s better than running a whole load in the dishwasher and then finding that none of your items got clean.
  • Turn on your sink and run some hot water for a minute or so before you start the dishwasher. This will ensure that it fills with hot water quicker, rather than wasting a few minutes on less-effective cold water.
  • Make sure to occasionally clean your dishwasher, splashing some vinegar inside and then running it on empty. Some homeowners use lemonade flavored Kool-Aid, and it works just as well. Also use a damp towel to wipe down the rubber seals around the perimeter of the dishwasher, where gunk and grime can build up.
  • Finally, invest in a water test. Hard water can be murder on your dishwasher. Find out what kind of water you’re dealing with, and invest in water softening if needed. It can significantly extend the lifespan of all your plumbing appliances, including the dishwasher.

We’re happy to offer insights into water testing, water filters and softeners, and more; please contact us at your convenience with any questions or further plumbing needs!

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