Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

toilet, bathtub, and sink

Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

When it comes to interior design and decorating, the smaller rooms tend to be the most challenging—and small bathrooms are no exception. When you’ve got limited space to work with, how do you make the most of it—ensuring a bathroom space that’s fully functional but also stylish and aesthetically pleasing?

A number of tips and pointers spring to mind.

Design Tips for Your Small Bathroom

  1. Install a corner sink. Installing a full pedestal sink—even a relatively narrow one—can disrupt the only traffic lane in your bathroom, and even feel like it’s basically using up all of your available space. A corner sink can feel less obtrusive. Call one of our plumbers to assist with the installation!
  2. Lose the shower door. When you have a glass shower door that opens in and out—as opposed to just sliding back and forth—that can eat up an awful lot of space. You can always just use a shower curtain, though—which takes up hardly any space at all, and might even provide a nice aesthetic flourish!
  3. Go vertical. You may have limited floor space, so make the most of your wall space! Your walls are perfectly fine locations for vanities and storage shelves. Mount some floating storage over the sink, over the toilet, and anywhere you have space!
  4. Use optical illusions to your advantage. You may not have the resources to increase the space of your bathroom, but you can always make the bathroom look and feel bigger than it in fact is. Did you know that using large-scale patterns will give the illusion of a bigger space? Try it!
  5. Expand your mirror. There is no rule to say your mirror has to exist only above the sink; you can expand it to go across the toilet or additional wall space. A larger mirror will make the room feel bigger, but it will also add real, physical functionality—i.e., two people can use the mirror at once!
  6. Don’t forget the back of the bathroom door. This is some prime real estate that often goes underutilized! If nothing else, you can use it to mount your towel bar.

Your space is limited, but your imagination doesn’t have to be! Make the most of your confined bathroom space—and for any plumbing or installation needs, give a call!

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