Why Did We Create A Membership Plan For Vancouver Plumbers?

Unclog.It - Vancouver Plumbers

Unlike other plumbers in Vancouver, we treat each customer as a long-term client. We care about the quality of your plumbing, and know that your house needs regular plumbing service.

Did you know that your plumbing systems need regular maintenance, just as much as your car? Most plumbers don’t offer a membership plan because it’s just as convenient to come in and do the work every couple of months.

At Unclog.it, we want to go beyond one-time plumbing services. With our membership plan, we inspect your home and come up with an annual maintenance solution to ensure that all your plumbing systems are kept in top condition.

  • Our membership plan ensures the quality of:
  • All your drains and sinks
  • Every toilet and bath in your household
  • Your furnace and hot water tank

We help you save money by ensuring everything is covered and properly maintained throughout the year. Drop-in appointments, such as drain cleaning and clogged toilets, are all covered under this package so you’ll never have to worry about sudden fees. You will also gain a 20% discount on all large-scale projects outside of the scope of your plan – just for being a member.

At the bare minimum, we will send a plumber to inspect your home for free. This sort of visit is typically $150 in value, and is completely covered in your membership plan starting at $20 per month.

We consider Unclog.it as a forward-thinking company. We are the first to offer a membership plan, in addition to our online booking services. We want you experience true convenience and satisfaction – changing the game and raising the bar for the plumbing industry province-wide.

Are you interested? Sign up for a membership today!

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