Furnace Repair Warranty – Free Labour Coverage

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Are you looking for furnace repair, looking to take advantage of your product warranty? Not many people know that your warranty only covers the cost of the product, but not installation fees associated with the job (this is known as a “Parts-Only” warranty).

At Unclog.it, we’re often called to install faulty or damaged parts of your home plumbing or heating system. If not installed by a fully insured or licensed professional, your product warranties are often voided.

We feel that product warranties that do not factor in cost of labour are unintuitive and a bit of a scam. A warranty should offer satisfaction and peace of mind – not add a sour note to your day.

As part of our membership plan, our goal is to ensure complete peace of mind and satisfaction with your home plumbing and heating systems. This plan starts at $20 per month, and offers free labour coverage on all product warranties associated with your plumbing and heating systems.

Our membership plan was designed to help you save money, time and effort. Free labour coverage allows you to take full advantage of all product warranties so that they are replaced quickly and for free. Contact our plumbers for more information on our membership plan today!

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