Why You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

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We are fully in favor of DIY plumbing projects and simple around-the-house repairs—but there are some projects you just shouldn’t tackle on your own. They require the skilled touch and deep expertise of a trained professional. Drain cleaning is one such task.

The Problem with DIY Drain Cleaning

There are several reasons to choose professional drain cleaning over the DIY method. Consider that one of the most common ways to clean drains all on your own is with a rooting snake or auger. This can work well, and is worth trying, but it simply won’t reach the really big, major clogs that occur farther down your plumbing line. Eventually, you’ll find that augers just aren’t enough.

The other DIY option is to invest in toxic chemicals and pour them down your drains—but as you might imagine, this is neither safe nor sensible, and it’s not something we recommend.

Finally, having a professional plumber clean your drains is a great way to get an accurate diagnosis of your overall plumbing quality; the plumber can spot any other issues or maintenance needs and help you ensure a plumbing system that’s fully functional.

When Do You Need Professional Drain Cleaning?

But when do you need to call in a professional drain cleaner? Here are some of the most common signs that your drains need professional unclogging.

You have frequent clogs. Everyone stops up the toilet every now and again. It’s when your toilets or drains seem to develop clogs frequently that it’s a problem. If you’re experiencing clogs routinely, it should be clear that the problem isn’t going to solve itself—no matter how many times you break out the ol’ plunger.

You have slow drains. If multiple sinks drain slowly, it’s probably not a problem with the individual sinks. Rather, the issue is probably with a clog somewhere further down the line.

You have foul odors coming from your drains. Again, the occasional stinky bathroom is just normal, but drains that seem to emanate nasty smells, persistently and seemingly without reason, point to a more serious problem—and to the need for a professional drain cleaning.

Get your drains cleaned today by a Vancouver plumbing professional. Give us a call to schedule your drain cleaning right away!

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