What Causes Water Damage In The Home?

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As a homeowner, water damage is one of the last things you ever want to deal with. It’s difficult and expensive to repair. Time and time again our plumbers have seen cases that appear to be minor, but ultimately prove to be quite significant. So, it’s in your best interest to know what causes water damage—and to head it off at the pass, as best you can.

What are the primary causes of water damage? We’ll give you the top five, right after the jump, along with some general tips about keeping your home safe from water’s harmful effects.

The Five Biggest Causes of Household Water Damage

  1. Broken pipes and hoses are the biggest culprits. A busted water main, aging pipes, failed washing machine and ice maker hoses—these are the things that tend to cause pipes to rupture, pinhole leaks to form, or hoses to burst open. Make sure you routinely inspect all exposed pipes and hoses, and purchase replacements when needed.
  2. Simple household accidents—often caused by children! Think overfilled bathtubs. Think broken or clogged toilets. Remember that even a little water damage can leave a lasting effect, so monitor your kids when water’s in use.
  3. Sewer back-ups can also cause water damage. Clogged drain lines can lead to back-ups, so make sure you invest in annual drain cleanings. Call our team of professional plumbers to set your drain cleaning appointment!
  4. Water damage is especially common in the basement and crawlspace areas, and generally stems from long-term humidity problems. Ensure proper ventilation, and install a dehumidifier if need be. Contact a professional plumber if you are unsure about any of this.
  5. Finally, there is flash flooding. This is definitely the rarest thing on here, but certainly something to be aware of. Always check your basement and foundation for water damage following a flood—and if you get flooding in your area pretty often, ask your insurance carrier about flood coverage.

Remember that annual drain cleanings and basic plumbing inspections can go a long way toward keeping your home safe from water damage. To schedule these services, don’t hesitate to call our Vancouver plumbing professionals today! We would love to help you keep your home and property secure—and dry!

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