Insulate Your Pipes

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Should you insulate the pipes in your home?

Well, here are the basics: insulating your pipes can be a DIY project, and insulating sleeves can be purchased inexpensively. Meanwhile, taking the time to insulate can lead to substantial energy savings—so it would seem to be a no-brainer, right?

Well, yes, actually—though there may be just a bit more to it than that. Allow us to explain.

Insulating Hot Water Pipes

Insulating hot water pipes has a pretty obvious benefit. After all, these are the pipes that transport warm water from your water heater to your sinks and faucets—and most homeowners lose a lot of that heat during the transportation process. This means you have to use even more warm water, which means you’re expending more energy. Insulating your pipes, though, can help you keep that water nice and hot, and save you a lot on your water heating expense.

More than just enhancing energy efficiency, insulating your pipes can also add a few degrees of warmth to your water temperature. If you’re the kind of person who savours a really hot shower, or who likes good warm water while doing the dishes, this is hugely beneficial.

Finally, if you hear a lot of bumping and clanging coming from your pipes, that may be because the metal is actually expanding as hot water passes through—but insulation can effectively mask that noise and eliminate that nuisance.

Insulating Cold Water Pipes

And what about cold water pipes? Well, for one thing, insulating these pipes can prevent them from freezing during the winter—which can lead to ruptures and other costly plumbing concerns. It is also prudent to insulate cold water pipes that are exposed to the summer sun, for these pipes can sometimes heat up your cool water.

Also note that insulating your cold water pipes can prevent condensation, and that condensation can drip down to your floors and other surfaces and do significant water damage. The bottom line: if you’re taking the time to insulate hot water pipes, you might as well do the cold ones while you’re at it. There are real benefits to both.

Show Some Love for Your Home Plumbing

It pays to insulate. If you have any more questions about that, feel free to contact us—or simply schedule an appointment with one of our professional plumbers at your next convenience.

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