The Best Habits for a Clean Bathroom

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Nobody looks forward to cleaning the bathroom—especially when they know that their bathroom is in a sorry condition. Rather than let your bathroom fall apart, then, why not take a few daily actions to maintain its freshness—ensuring that, when bathroom cleaning day does come along, your work is practically done for you?

Truthfully, keeping a tidy and fresh bathroom is as simple as forming a few daily habits.

Easy Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Empty the trash every day. Develop a rhythm of emptying the bathroom trashcan every night before bed. Even a little bit of trash can lead to unpleasant odours, or make the bathroom feel cluttered and messy—so don’t let it pile up. Take care of it daily.

Spray your shower walls after each use. Have a spray bottle handy, with a mix of vinegar and water, and use it to give your shower walls a good spritzing—keeping them fresh and clean at all times.

Always use the exhaust fan. Turn it on when you enter the bathroom, and don’t turn it on until you leave. This is a powerful way to keep the air in your bathroom fresh.

Check sinks and toilets. Each day, take a minute to scan your sink and the inside of your toilet for any sign of uncleanliness—and if you spot anything, get a scrub brush and some baking soda and do a quick cleaning. The trick is to address these issues before they spiral out of control, before they get really gross.

Put all clothes in the hamper. Keep a clothes hamper either in the bathroom or just outside it, allowing you to immediately discard your dirty clothes as you step into the shower. Don’t let dirty items accumulate on your floor!

Keep a small vacuum near the bathroom. A little, battery-powered vacuum can enable you to quickly suck up any stray hairs or debris that clutter your bathroom floor. Again, doing this every day or so will help prevent it from becoming a much bigger (and much grosser) deal.

Address Any Plumbing Problems

Finally, if you spot any plumbing problems—even minor leaks—make sure you have them taken care of right away, before they turn into major problems. If you need a plumbing professional, you can book a service call from one of our Vancouver plumbers online today.

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