How To Keep Your Bathroom Fixtures Glistening

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Let’s be honest: there can be some pretty gross stuff going on in your bathroom. Your kids make messes, people get sick—and that’s to say nothing of regular, everyday bathroom use. It’s little wonder that your bathroom fixtures can start to look a little grimy and dingy over time—but what can you do to get them gleaming again? To have a bathroom that really sparkles?

There’s no big secret to it. You’ve just got to get in there and do some regular, effective cleaning—and we’ll show you how.

Start with the Sinks

Your bathroom sinks are a natural place to begin. Why? Because they are often the first thing a person sees when entering your bathroom. The sink sets the tone, so it’s important to keep it spick and span.

The best way to clean out your bathroom sink is just with a general purpose spray cleaner. The simple mixture we recommend is half water and half vinegar. The vinegar will be especially potent against soap scum. And if you see caked-on soap, you can try a more abrasive scouring pad or perhaps a paste mixture of water and baking soda. Dry everything down with a clean, soft cloth.

Tidy Your Tubs

Next, move on to the bathtubs. If your tub is porcelain or ceramic, you can use either our vinegar-water spray or even the water-baking soda paste mentioned above. If you see rust, use a stain-removing product. Never use bleach, though, which can strip the finish off your tub and cause permanent damage.

Acrylic and fiberglass tubs are even easier to clean. A bit of dish soap and water is generally all it takes. If you use bath oils, you might want to wipe the tub down immediately after use, to keep soap scum from accumulating.

Move On To Shower heads and Faucets

Next come the shower heads. Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and use a rubber band to attach it to the shower head. Leave it on overnight and you should see a big difference the next day. If not, it may be time to just get a new shower head.

For faucets, meanwhile, it’s recommended that you just use a clean cloth and some water to get them squeaky clean.

And Of Course… Toilets

Last on your bathroom cleaning list: the toilet. Spray the exterior with our general use water-vinegar cleaner. Wipe it clean. Use dish soap for the surface of the toilet seat, and an antibacterial toilet bowl cleaner for the inside.

Follow these tips and next time you call in a plumber, they’re sure to comment on your gleaming bathroom.

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