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What causes low water pressure in the whole house?

As plumbers, we often receive phone calls from homeowners who are dealing with what they call low water pressure. In reality, the issue is technically low flow, which means that one or more fixtures in the home simply aren’t providing the strong, steady stream of water that homeowners are used to. There are some technical […]

Why You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

We are fully in favor of DIY plumbing projects and simple around-the-house repairs—but there are some projects you just shouldn’t tackle on your own. They require the skilled touch and deep expertise of a trained professional. Drain cleaning is one such task. The Problem with DIY Drain Cleaning There are several reasons to choose professional […]

4 Tips for Troubleshooting Your Garburator

4 Tips for Troubleshooting Your Garburator It’s easy to take your garburator for granted—easy to rely on it for waste disposal without ever really thinking about it, or doing much of anything to take care of it. Like any machine, though, a garburator requires proper maintenance if you wish for it to have a long […]

Green Plumbing

Homeowners are increasingly enamored with eco-friendliness, and it is not hard to understand why. For one thing, we’d all like to do our part to help the planet, and if it’s as easy as installing an eco-friendly fixture in our homes, that’s usually a small price to pay. What’s more, going green leads to dramatic savings on monthly utility bills.