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5 Ways to Maintain the Life of Your Washing Machine

Your washing machine does a lot for you. Really, it’s got a pretty thankless job. It dutifully rids your clothing of dirt and stains, making even the most thoroughly soiled garments seem fresh and new again. But what can you do for your washing machine to avoid having to call a plumber? By following these […]

5 Ways To Deal With A Toilet Clog

Toilet clogs. They’re just part of life. Sooner or later every homeowner will be looking for how to unclog a toilet. It’s nothing to panic about. Usually, clogs can be resolved quite easily. In the rare case that the clog is too stubborn and severe for you to remove yourself, a professional plumber can make […]

8 Simple Ways to Save on Water

Whether times are plentiful or times are lean, we’re always looking to save money where we can, reducing our monthly household expenses in whatever ways possible. One area of potential savings is your home water bill. Simple plumbing changes can reduce your water consumption by a few dollars each month which can turn into big […]

Extend the Life of Your Washer and Dryer

Anyone who has ever experienced the sudden loss of a washer or dryer knows just how frustrating it can be. You have a load of laundry to do, and you’re left scrambling to either make it to a laundromat or call in a plumber, pronto. And because washers and dryers so often seem to fizzle […]