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Is It Time For A New Water Heater?

On-demand hot water access hardly qualifies as a creature comfort anymore; it’s something that pretty much all of us have come to expect, and it’s something we truly need for our sinks and our showers, our dishwashers and our laundry machines. In other words, homeowners always need their hot water heaters to function properly. Hot water […]

What Clogs Your Drains?

You have different drainage areas in your home—kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, showers and tubs, even basement floor drains—and they can all become clogged for different reasons. What’s important is that when that happens, you need to take quick action to either work that clog out yourself, or call a Vancouver plumber. But what is it […]

The Best Habits for a Clean Bathroom

Nobody looks forward to cleaning the bathroom—especially when they know that their bathroom is in a sorry condition. Rather than let your bathroom fall apart, then, why not take a few daily actions to maintain its freshness—ensuring that, when bathroom cleaning day does come along, your work is practically done for you? Truthfully, keeping a […]

Choosing a New Kitchen Sink

When you think about it, there probably aren’t many fixtures or appliances in your home that are used more frequently than the kitchen sink. It’s one of the central points in your family life, and as such, a time might come when you want to invest in a new one—either a more functional sink or […]