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Wet Basement Solutions: 5 ways to stop leaks

  Basements are immensely functional – after all they do make great places to store washers and driers and all kinds of stuff you don’t want to see around your living spaces. However, they can be hard to maintain as they are particularly prone to water damage. In fact, The Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation […]

What causes low water pressure in the whole house?

As plumbers, we often receive phone calls from homeowners who are dealing with what they call low water pressure. In reality, the issue is technically low flow, which means that one or more fixtures in the home simply aren’t providing the strong, steady stream of water that homeowners are used to. There are some technical […]

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning a Toilet Properly

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, toilet maintenance is a must. Cleaning a toilet can also be an incredibly time-consuming chore, and one that most people don’t relish. The good news is that if you have the right products and cleaning methods, keeping your toilet clean doesn’t have to be an unpleasant task.  Surprising […]

Pure Mechanical Website Launched

Our parent company Pure Mechanical Group Ltd. has launched a new website. This new website allows customers to book plumbing appointments online through the website platform. Pure Mechanical Group Ltd. provides plumbing, heating, and drain cleaning services to residents of Metro Vancouver. From West Vancouver all the way to Chilliwack. By merging technology and […]