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What Causes Water Damage In The Home?

As a homeowner, water damage is one of the last things you ever want to deal with. It’s difficult and expensive to repair. Time and time again our plumbers have seen cases that appear to be minor, but ultimately prove to be quite significant. So, it’s in your best interest to know what causes water […]

Beware Basement Flooding

Beware Basement Flooding Though many Canadians have experienced a particularly long and tough winter, summer is right around the corner, and a lot of Canadians may soon start thinking about taking trips or vacations. Getting out of the house and away from the daily grind can certainly be refreshing—unless, of course, you arrive back home […]

Cleaning Up After a Household Flood

Cleaning Up After a Household Flood There are a number of things that might cause household flooding. It may be a washing machine hose that breaks or corrodes. It might be something even more serious, like a sewer backup, or some kind of a leak that manifests while you’re out of the home and unable […]

Your Basement Floods

Hopefully, you’ll never have to endure the horror of a flooded basement; indeed, there are few situations that would prove more nightmarish for homeowners. With that said, this is something that happens, and it is important to be prepared. Vancouver homeowners need to know what to do should they arrive home from work or vacation and find that their basement is filled with water.