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The Best Habits for a Clean Bathroom

Nobody looks forward to cleaning the bathroom—especially when they know that their bathroom is in a sorry condition. Rather than let your bathroom fall apart, then, why not take a few daily actions to maintain its freshness—ensuring that, when bathroom cleaning day does come along, your work is practically done for you? Truthfully, keeping a […]

Aging in Place: Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Aging in Place: Bathroom Remodeling Tips Are you familiar with the concept of aging in place? The basic idea behind it is that, as people age, their physical needs and limitations become more rigid—yet where past generations may have spent declining years in assisted living facilities or nursing homes, many individuals today prefer to stay […]

Revitalize Your Bathroom

Real estate agents often say that, if you’re going to remodel a room in your home—and your ultimate goal is to enhance the property’s resale value—then you should choose either the kitchen or the bathroom. It is not difficult to understand why this is true.