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7 Ways to Stop Wasting Water

Why avoid wasting water? For one thing, it’s good for the planet. For another, it’s good for your water bills. Saving water saves money on your monthly water statement, and it can be done with just a few simple plumbing checks and lifestyle changes. We’ll show you seven of our favourites. How To Conserve Water […]

Green Plumbing Tips

What homeowner wouldn’t want to save on monthly water bills—and to help the environment, in the process? Green plumbing is a popular trend among homeowners, and it’s certainly not hard to understand why. It’s also not necessarily hard to implement it: There are a few basic steps that any homeowner can take in an attempt to make better, smarter, more eco-friendly use of water.

Green Plumbing

Homeowners are increasingly enamored with eco-friendliness, and it is not hard to understand why. For one thing, we’d all like to do our part to help the planet, and if it’s as easy as installing an eco-friendly fixture in our homes, that’s usually a small price to pay. What’s more, going green leads to dramatic savings on monthly utility bills.