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Garburator Care: Dos and Don’ts

Your garburator isn’t going to last forever, but hopefully it will last you a good long time—without needing to give our plumbers a call. Of course, there are some steps you can take to extend the life of your garburator, and also to help it run as smoothly as possible. In this post, we’ll run […]

Spotting a Garburator Leak

Even a well-maintained garburator can, over time, spring a leak—and if it does, you’ll know it. You may reach into your under-sink cabinet one day and find that there’s a pool of water. That’s a pretty good indication that your garburator is leaking, but it doesn’t answer the question of where exactly the leak is […]

Treat Your Garburator Right

Treat Your Garburator Right Garburator maintenance continues to be one of the most asked-about and most misunderstood topics in all of plumbing. We have many homeowners call us to inquire about issues with their units, and are often asked to advise on the best ways to care for a garburator. We’ll keep it simple, then: […]

5 Costly Garburator Myths

5 Costly Garburator Myths How well do you know your garburator? If you’re like most homeowners then you use it every day, perhaps even after every meal. Chances are, it’s tough for you to imagine your life without it; at the very least, it would make kitchen cleanup a great deal harder! To get the […]