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What Clogs Your Drains?

You have different drainage areas in your home—kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, showers and tubs, even basement floor drains—and they can all become clogged for different reasons. What’s important is that when that happens, you need to take quick action to either work that clog out yourself, or call a Vancouver plumber. But what is it […]

Maintaining Your Shower Door

Maintaining Your Shower Door Looking to have a new shower installed in the new year? Bathroom remodelers tend to think of everything—every last detail about their new colors, materials, and fixtures—but here’s something you may not have considered yet: Whether you’ll get a shower with a curtain, or with a door. The Advantages of the […]

Plumbing Secrets for First-Time Homeowners

Plumbing Secrets for First-Time Homeowners When you live in an apartment or a dorm, you don’t necessarily need to learn too much about plumbing; should there ever be a problem with the plumbing, you’ve just got to call the landlord or the superintendent and you’ll hopefully get a quick fix, at no cost to you. […]