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Get the Most Out of Your Hot Water Heater

Get the Most Out of Your Hot Water Heater Your hot water heater is essential for ensuring comfort and convenience in your home. Sadly, no hot water heater lasts forever; if you’re lucky you will get somewhere between 15 and 20 years out of yours, but eventually all units need replacement. The good news is, […]

Maintaining Your Shower Door

Maintaining Your Shower Door Looking to have a new shower installed in the new year? Bathroom remodelers tend to think of everything—every last detail about their new colors, materials, and fixtures—but here’s something you may not have considered yet: Whether you’ll get a shower with a curtain, or with a door. The Advantages of the […]

Don’t Put Off Your Professional Drain Cleaning

Don’t Put Off Your Professional Drain Cleaning Home maintenance tasks are often easy to put off, especially when it’s preventative maintenance. That’s certainly the way it is with professional drain cleaning. If you have a problem with your home plumbing system, you’re likely going to call a plumber with some urgency. If your plumbing system […]

DIY Shower Maintenance Tips

Nothing soothes and relaxes quite like a good, hot shower—but at the same time, nothing frustrates like a shower that has grown gamey, moldy, or clogged. At their most minor, shower maintenance problems can impair the comfort and enjoyment of your daily shower routine; a shower curtain that smells like mold or mildew is hardly soothing, and a shower head that doesn’t unleash sufficient water is a major nuisance.