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Winter Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

For most of us, winter has already arrived—with a vengeance! As you seek to stay warm and to enjoy this special season with loved ones, it is vital to also remember to take care of your home plumbing. Ideally, you have already attended to these winter plumbing maintenance matters—but if you’re running a bit behind, we’ve got a helpful checklist to offer. Remember: It’s not too late to protect your plumbing—and your home—from the elements!

5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Toilet

It goes without saying that, when you venture into the bathroom to use the toilet, you expect the thing to work—and a toilet that is clogged or otherwise malfunctioning is about the last thing any homeowner wishes to encounter. Of course, a toilet—like any in-house fixture of appliance—is not made to last forever. Eventually, toilets need replacing. With that said, there are some steps that homeowners can take to extend the life of their commodes, and also to ensure that they stay free of clogs.

Routine Drain Cleaning

Many homeowners enlist professional plumbers to clean and clear their drains any time they get clogged—but what about when those drains aren’t clogged? Is there any real reason to invest in routine drain cleaning services—annual appointments to have all of your drains inspected and thoroughly cleaned out? The answer is a resounding yes—and for more reasons than one.

Prevent Property Damage

The last thing any homeowner wants to wake up to is a plumbing problem—a sink that’s clogged up, a toilet that won’t flush, or, worst-case scenario, water flooding into your home through a leaky or backed-up pipe. Not only are these issues damaging to your property, and potentially costly to fix, but they are also 100 percent preventable—which makes them all the more frustrating when or if they do occur.