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How to Fix a Noisy Faucet

It’s always annoying when your household fixtures and appliances aren’t working quite right—especially when they’re making a lot of noise. Take the example of a kitchen or bathroom faucet. A faucet may be doing its job, dispensing water for your use, but causing a big racket while it does so. That can be irritating for […]

7 Ways to Check for Hidden Leaks

7 Ways to Check for Hidden Leaks What’s worse than having a leak somewhere in your plumbing? How about having a leak you don’t even know about? Homeowners sometimes have these “hidden” leaks, which can do a lot of costly property damage—and waste a lot of water—before they’re resolved. As such, it pays to know […]

What Happens When Your Pipes Freeze?

What Happens When Your Pipes Freeze? You may have heard horror stories about homeowners whose pipes have frozen. When pipes freeze—something that can easily happen in the frigid winter—it obstructs the flow of water into your home. It can do more than that, though: When water freezes in your pipes it expands, and can sometimes […]

Common House Leaks

The sound of dripping water is enough to keep any homeowner up at night—but it’s far more than just a nuisance. A leak, anywhere in your home, can prove a major drain on the wallet, adding up to huge waste in your water bill.