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Pure Mechanical Website Launched

Our parent company Pure Mechanical Group Ltd. has launched a new website. This new website allows customers to book plumbing appointments online through the website platform. Pure Mechanical Group Ltd. provides plumbing, heating, and drain cleaning services to residents of Metro Vancouver. From West Vancouver all the way to Chilliwack. By merging technology and […]

These Mistakes Could Ruin Your Plumbing

To ensure the long life of your household plumbing system, you’ve got to treat it right. Our team of plumbers have put together some handy tips that will help you avoid common plumbing errors and mistakes. And let’s be clear: certain mistakes can be disastrous for your plumbing. So don’t go there. Review our quick […]

Never Worry About Plumber Costs To Unclog A Drain

Let’s say you make an appointment for your plumber to unclog your drain. Some weeks later, you encounter an issue with your toilet that requires your plumber to fix. You’re already $300 down the drain with two separate appointments, and your plumbing costs are beginning to add up. That sucks! The problem with fixing your […]