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Insulate Your Pipes

Should you insulate the pipes in your home? Well, here are the basics: insulating your pipes can be a DIY project, and insulating sleeves can be purchased inexpensively. Meanwhile, taking the time to insulate can lead to substantial energy savings—so it would seem to be a no-brainer, right? Well, yes, actually—though there may be just […]

8 Simple Ways to Save on Water

Whether times are plentiful or times are lean, we’re always looking to save money where we can, reducing our monthly household expenses in whatever ways possible. One area of potential savings is your home water bill. Simple plumbing changes can reduce your water consumption by a few dollars each month which can turn into big […]

9 Simple Ways to Reduce Household Water Use

9 Simple Ways to Reduce Household Water Use Here in the dog days of summer, many homeowners are experiencing higher-than-normal water bills—especially homeowners with irrigation systems or with large lawn and garden areas. Not only are these bills tough on the wallet, but of course they also show that a lot of water is being […]

How to Cut Your Water Bills This Summer

How to Cut Your Water Bills This Summer It’s summer, which means that many homeowners are paying higher-than-average utility bills—spending more money on air conditioning, and also more money on watering their lawn and garden. That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of opportunities to save, however, and in fact there are several in-home water conservation […]