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How To Stop An Overflowing Toilet

Every homeowner wants a toilet that does what it’s supposed to do—flush without any problem, and certainly without any spillage. Things don’t always work out that way, though. Sometimes toilets get clogged. Sometimes they won’t flush. And sometimes, as our plumbers can tell you, they can actually overflow. Of course it’s best to prevent raw […]

5 Ways To Deal With A Toilet Clog

Toilet clogs. They’re just part of life. Sooner or later every homeowner will be looking for how to unclog a toilet. It’s nothing to panic about. Usually, clogs can be resolved quite easily. In the rare case that the clog is too stubborn and severe for you to remove yourself, a professional plumber can make […]

Choosing a New Toilet

Help Choosing a New Toilet Most homeowners eventually arrive at the moment when a new toilet is needed. A toilet is not meant to last forever, and eventually the wear and tear of everyday use catches up with it; toilets that have leaks or other major problems can sometimes be repaired, but more often than […]

Call a Professional Plumber for Toilet Installation?

Should You Call a Professional Plumber for Toilet Installation? Sooner or later, every homeowner encounters the need to replace a toilet. Sometimes this is strictly for aesthetic purposes: An older toilet may look dated or it may become scratched up and rickety. Other times, of course, it may be because the toilet simply fails to […]