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Find Your Water Shut-Off Valves

What’s the first thing you should do if your household plumbing springs a leak? You may be inclined to think calling a plumber is the first order of business—but no, not quite. Actually, your first step should be shutting off the water, which will keep your home from flooding, minimizing the water damage that is […]

How to Fix a Noisy Faucet

It’s always annoying when your household fixtures and appliances aren’t working quite right—especially when they’re making a lot of noise. Take the example of a kitchen or bathroom faucet. A faucet may be doing its job, dispensing water for your use, but causing a big racket while it does so. That can be irritating for […]

9 Simple Ways to Reduce Household Water Use

9 Simple Ways to Reduce Household Water Use Here in the dog days of summer, many homeowners are experiencing higher-than-normal water bills—especially homeowners with irrigation systems or with large lawn and garden areas. Not only are these bills tough on the wallet, but of course they also show that a lot of water is being […]

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Across the continent, temperatures are plunging—and for homeowners, that means the potential for frozen pipes. Frozen plumbing is more than just an inconvenience. As water in pipes freezes, it also expands, which can cause the pipes to rupture.