Unclog.it Club Membership

The Unclog.it Club Plumbing Protection Pans.
Protect your home starting at $20/month.

All memberships come with free drain cleaning and a annual home plumbing inspection.

The Unclog.it Club Protection Plans Include:

  • Annual Home Plumbing Inspection

    once a year one of our certified plumbing technicians will visit your home to complete a detailed visual inspection of your complete plumbing and heating systems. We will provide you with a detailed report and a list of recommendations.

  • No Charge Drain Cleaning!

    our drain cleaning services are included with your membership. If you experience a slow or blocked drain inside your home, we will come out and clear the drain at no charge. If we are unable to clear the drain in 2 hours we will provide you with a proposal to complete the additional work needed to repair or replace the affected drain line.

  • Detailed Job Reports

    every job completed by a certified unclog.it plumbing technician will include a detailed step-by-step job report with pictures. This level of transparency is valuable to landlords, property managers, and international homeowners.

  • Unclog.It - Vancouver Plumbers

    Warranty Labour Coverage

    Hot water tanks and other plumbing appliances come with a manufacture warranty. If a plumbing appliance under manufacture warranty is in need of manufacture warranty approved repair, we will complete the labour portion of the repair at no charge. Typically appliance manufactures do not provide labour costs in their warranty coverage. With an unclog.it membership the repairs are covered.

  • 20% Discount on Additional Services

    we will provide you with a 20% discount on any additional services we offer. Looking to upgrade your heating system or possibly install a new kitchen faucet? We will provide you a 20% discount.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your plumbing and heating systems are covered.

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