No Charge Drain Cleaning

If you experience a slow or blocked drain inside your home, we will come out and clear the drain at no charge. If we are unable to clear the drain in 2 hours we will provide you with a proposal to complete the repairs.

What is Included With No Charge Draining Cleaning

Your Club Membership delivers coverage of specific drainage diagnostic and repair work and is subject to certain exclusions noted below. Membership coverage only extends to plumbing-related piping and drains inside your home as well as waste drainage and rainwater drains within your property’s boundary. This is up to the point of connection to the primary municipal drain. Where common elements apply (i.e. apartment units, shared drains, etc.), coverage will extend only to the connection point. Plumbing and drain systems must be in accordance with local plumbing code to be deemed eligible for coverage.

The following is a complete list of coverage under this plan:

  • Blocked DrainsBlocked Toilets, Sinks, Showers, & Bathtubs.
  • Sewer LinesOne-time auger and camera scope of the main sewer.
  • Drain TileOne-time auger and camera scope of the drain tile.
  • Septic FieldOne-time auger and camera scope of the septic field.

What is Not Included With No Charge Drain Cleaning

If physical drain repairs (i.e. main drain replacement, power flushing of grease blockages, or internal drain reconfiguration) is necessary, will offer a written estimate for services to prevent further drain blockages. These costs are not covered under your Membership. No additional work will be performed on the drain until physical repairs based on original diagnosed problem are corrected. This plan does not cover repairs or replacements that are necessary as a result of improper installation or settling, faulty fixtures or equipment, or other changes to or problems related to municipal drain services.

  • Repair and replacement of equipment
  • Sump Pumps
  • Sumps & Catch basins
  • Pool or Hot Tub Drains
  • Routine Cleaning of Drains
  • Routine Inspections of drains

The Club Membership