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Terms of Service

A division of Pure Mechanical Group Ltd., Unclog.it (“Unclog.it,” “we,” “us,” and terms of like meaning) is pleased to introduce The Unclog.it Club membership. As such, all information offered about services related to The Unclog.it Club on this website are subject to specific terms and conditions of use, which together with the Unclog.it Privacy Policy (collectively, the “Terms”) govern a visitor’s use of this membership and the services offered by such.

We ask that you review the Terms carefully and in their entirety before using said Services. If you choose to use the Services, you are acknowledging your review and acceptance of Terms and agree to be bound legally by all policies and guidelines that are incorporated by reference of said Terms. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms in their entirety, you are not permitted to use the Services.

No Charge Drain Cleaning

What is included with no charge drain cleaning?

Your Unclog.it Club Membership delivers coverage of specific drainage diagnostic and repair work and is subject to certain exclusions noted below. Membership coverage only extends to plumbing-related piping and drains inside your home as well as waste drainage and rainwater drains within your property’s boundary. This is up to the point of connection to the primary municipal drain. Where common elements apply (i.e. apartment units, shared drains, etc.), coverage will extend only to the connection point. Plumbing and drain systems must be in accordance with local plumbing code to be deemed eligible for coverage.

The following is a complete list of coverage under no charge drain cleaning:

  • BLOCKED DRAINS: (Blocked Toilets, Sinks, Showers, & Bathtubs).
  • SEWER LINE: (One-time auger and camera scope of the main sewer).
  • DRAIN TILE: (One-time auger and camera scope of the drain tile).
  • SEPTIC FIELD: (One-time auger and camera scope of the septic field).

What is NOT included with no charge drain cleaning:

If physical drain repairs (i.e. main drain replacement, power flushing of grease blockages, or internal drain reconfiguration) is necessary, Unclog.it will offer a written estimate for services to prevent further drain blockages. These costs are not covered under your Membership. No additional work will be performed on the drain until physical repairs based on original diagnosed problem are corrected. This plan does not cover repairs or replacements that are necessary as a result of improper installation or settling, faulty fixtures or equipment, or other changes to or problems related to municipal drain services.


No Charge Minor Repairs

What is included with no charge minor repairs?

Your membership delivers coverage related to plumbing diagnostic and repair work that is specified below. These services are subject to certain exclusions. Membership coverage only extends to plumbing-related piping and fixtures located inside your home. The plumbing system in your home must be in accordance with local plumbing code to be considered eligible for coverage.

The following is a complete list of coverage under no charge minor repairs:

  • TOILETS: (Repairs to moving parts within the toilet).
  • OUTSIDE HOSE BIBS: (Repairs to moving parts within the hose bib).
  • SHUT-OFF VALVES: (Repairs to moving parts within the Isolation valves).
  • GARBURATORS: (Repairs to jammed garburators).

What is NOT included with no charge minor repairs?

If physical fixture replacement related to kitchen faucet, shut-off, or reconfiguration of internal water lines is deemed necessary, Unclog.it will provide a written work estimate related to the cost to install the new fixture. Your Membership does not cover any physical fixture or water line replacement. No subsequent work will be performed until a physical replacement has been completed in respect of the originally diagnosed problem. Repairs or replacements necessary as a result of improper installation or settling, faulty fixtures or equipment, or changes to or problems with municipal water services are not covered.


Warranty Labour Coverage

What is included with Warranty Labour Coverage?

The Unclog.it Club Membership delivers warranty labour coverage of specified plumbing fixtures, and is subject to certain exclusions. Membership coverage only extends to cover your home’s plumbing related fixtures. Your plumbing system must be in accordance with your local Plumbing Code to be eligible for coverage.

The following is a complete list of coverage under warranty labour coverage:

  • BOILER: (Repairs to parts within the boiler).
  • FURNACE: (Repairs to parts within the furnace).
  • HOT WATER TANK: (Repairs to parts within the hot water tank).
  • FIREPLACE: (Repairs to parts within the fireplace).
  • HOT WATER NO DEMAND: (Repairs to parts within the unit).

What is NOT included with Warranty Labour Coverage?

In the instance that non-warranty covered fixture repair or replacement is deemed necessary, a written work estimate will be provided. Your Membership does not cover any non-warranty repair or replacement of fixtures and no work will be performed until the originally diagnosed problem has been corrected. This plan does not cover repairs or replacements that are necessary because of improper installation or settling, faulty fixtures or equipment, or changes to or problems with municipal water, gas, or drainage services.


Replacement Parts
At our option, any and all replacement parts that are used to repair an eligible appliance may be new, refurbished, or non-original manufacturer’s parts, but perform to the factory specification of the appliance. Reasonable commercial efforts will always be made in an effort to match dimensions, brand, or colour. Unclog.it is responsible installation of replacement of similar features, capacity, and efficiency, but we reserve the right to not match dimensions, brand, or colour. We also do not take responsibility for upgrades or for the cost of construction, carpentry, or other modifications that are required by existing equipment or after installing different equipment.

General Terms and Conditions

Plan Terms
Membership coverage begins upon applicable membership package enrollment. It remains in effect for the initial period of one year. This is valid unless noted in this Terms and Conditions Agreement.

Membership Renewal
There is an automatic renewal process for your convenience. A Membership will renew annually on the anniversary of Coverage Date (“Anniversary Date”). This is valid unless notice is provided prior to the Anniversary Date stating that you want to cancel your Membership. Additionally, renewal can also be discontinued if we have given you notice prior to your Anniversary Date that the Plan will not be renewed.

Membership Coverage
A membership only applies to a single-family residence such as a house, townhouse, condominium or apartment unit, or modular or manufactured home that is anchored to a permanent foundation and has not moved during the coverage term. Equipment in commercial properties or in residences that are also used as a business, is not covered. If the covered residence is a condominium, townhouse, modular home, or manufactured home, there are limitations to coverage and pertain only to equipment and systems within a covered unit. Common areas or shared systems in multi-units are not covered. If you possess more than one piece of same equipment or system, the Membership only covers the first piece of equipment that we service, repair, or maintain.

Canceling your Membership
We reserve the right to discontinue or cancel a Membership at any time. If we do this, and your Membership fee was paid in one lump sum, we will issue a pro-rated refund. Repairs or parts replacements will be completed as they are covered by your Membership, and only if you have notified us before the date that the Membership is discontinued or cancelled. We also reserve the right to cancel your Membership if your obligations (including payment obligations) are not met. If you have chosen to pay for your Membership in installments and your Membership is canceled before the Anniversary Date or if your Membership is canceled for not meeting obligations (including payment obligations), you will be billed for remaining installments owed, except if otherwise stated in this Membership Guide and Agreement.

Relocation or Moving
If you relocate and move into a new residence, here are your Membership transfer options:

  1. Membership Transfer: Your Membership is transferable if you move within our service area. In this regard, your Membership at your old home will be cancelled and you will be billed for remaining installments still owed. Billed installments will be applied as a credit on your first bill at the new residence and a new Membership will be created, remaining in effect for an initial one-year period. Please contact Unclog.it 30 days before you move to ensure the successful transfer of the Membership.
  2. Membership Cancellation: If you decide not to transfer your Membership when you move or if your new home is not located within our service area, you will be billed for remaining Membership installments and your Membership will be canceled.

Payment Options
You can pay for your Membership in a lump sum or in installments. If installments are elected, you agree to pay charges in intervals per the welcome or renewal letter. Applicable taxes (including GST/PST/HST) are added to installments when billed. Acceptable methods of payment include pre-authorized payment, cheque, and credit card. Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Amounts are billed in advance of the period to which they apply and are due by the date shown on the bill. Late payment charges will apply to all overdue bills, including applicable taxes, at a rate of 2% per month or 24% per year.

Refund Policy
The following policy applies: If you cancel your Membership within 10 days and no service was completed within that timeframe, a refund for any payment made will be issued. If you have used the service within the first 10 days, your Membership will be cancelled and we will issue a refund for any payment made less the cost of the service rendered. Secondly, related to equipment not eligible for service: If one of our authorized technicians deems your equipment not eligible under the Membership and you have no prior service completed, a refund up to a maximum of one year’s worth of payments made will be issued. If you have received service associated with the Membership, a reimbursement up to a maximum of one year’s worth of payments made from the last service date will be issued.

We reserve the right to modify Membership terms and conditions, this includes the price. If this occurs, we will provide you with notice of the changes at least thirty (30) days in advance and no more than ninety (90) days prior to the Anniversary Date. Any noted changes will become effective on the Anniversary Date.

Diagnosis, Liability, and Warranty
We will diagnose and repair equipment in accordance with the terms and conditions and as long as the equipment adheres to the following:
• It is located within the permanent foundation confines of your residence;
• It is installed properly and proper working order as of the Coverage Date;
• It is safely and readily accessible for diagnosis and repair by the authorized technician; and
• It is located in a safe and sanitary environment for our authorized technician.

Unclog.it will always work to the best of our ability to diagnose and repair problems on the first service visit; however, this is not always possible. Our company is not liable for losses or damages resulting from misdiagnosis or delays in completing diagnosis or repairs. If we do not correct or repair a problem that is covered by your Membership, or if a replacement part fails, our sole liability if only focused on problem correction, ad providing an additional replacement part, if deemed necessary.

We are not liable for indirect, consequential, or economic damages in any way, nor are we liable for loss or damages to any person or property, whether it is deemed indirect, consequential, or incidental, arising from the use or inability to use said equipment to the extent that such may be disclaimed by law. We do not cover any defects that are subject to a manufacturer’s or distributor’s recall, in-home warranty, or that are covered under a manufacturer’s, distributor’s or builder’s program of reimbursement policy.

Pre-existing defects or deficiencies that exist prior to Membership enrollment are deemed excluded from the coverage of this membership. All parts and labour covered by the Membership are required to be provided by the authorized technician. In no way can we offer reimbursement for parts and/or labour that is not completed by our authorized technician.

Unavailable Parts or Non-Repairable Equipment
We will always try to locate a replacement part or acceptable substitute as fast as possible. However, limited availability of a part may occur. If a part is not available or if we are unable to locate one at a cost that is commercially reasonable, we are not liable for replacing said equipment. If the part is deemed no longer available or the repair of the equipment is not possible, we may terminate your Membership and you are also entitled to do the same. If the Membership is terminated no prior service has been completed, a refund up to a maximum of one year’s worth of payments will be issued to you. If service was completed since beginning your Members, a refund will be issued totally up to a maximum of one year’s worth of payments made since the last service date.

Unclog.it makes no warranties or representations related to parts and labour, except for those that given by statute, and as provided below. The manufacturer is responsible for items covered under their express or implied warranties and during the warranty period. This warranty is subject to you carrying out obligations listed in this Membership Guide and Agreement. Additionally, this warranty is subject to limitations noted under “Liability.” We will pay for repair expense that is not covered by manufacturer’s warranties and is covered by your Membership. We will warranty our parts and labour for 90 days after the date of the repair if your Membership has expired. Note that we are not a parts manufacturer and do not make any warranty or guarantee pertaining to parts, the supplier, or the manufacturer. Any warranties or guarantees that are currently in place are provided under applicable legislation and are hereby excluded to the extent permitted by law.

Generally, your Membership does not specifically cover any equipment that is used in commercial or other non-residential use. Additionally, any costs, including the diagnosis and service, repair, parts replacement, or adjustment is not covered if commercial equipment was used. Additional costs not covered related to repairs include: design faults or faults that were present prior to the effective date of your Membership, abuse, tampering, alterations or repairs by other parties not related to Unclogi.it, accidental or deliberate damage, loss, theft, freezing weather conditions, subsidence, structural repairs, fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, flood, storm, acts of war or other insurable risks, improper thermostat setting, blown household electrical fuse or breaker, malfunctioning or turned off Heating Unit or Cooling Unit, improper equipment sizing or application, redecoration or renovation-related work, pre-existing defects or deficiencies in existence or that have been previously repaired during the first 30 days prior the date of coverage under your Membership, lack of reasonable maintenance, heating, cooling, appliance, electrical or plumbing or drainage system breakdown.

Additionally, heat exchanger flushing as well as other required cleaning due to insufficient or improper maintenance that is conducted prior to your Membership effective date or as a result of building renovations, fire, or flood are excluded from coverage. If required, these services will be provided and charged at our standard labour rate plus applicable taxes at the time of the repair. Boiler system drainage and refill are also excluded services from your Membership coverage.

Unclog.it reserves the right not refuse coverage related to certain types, brands, or models of equipment. If your Membership covers only one unit of equipment and we exercise our right to refuse to provide coverage for such equipment, we have the ability to terminate your Membership. If no prior service is completed under your Membership, we will issue a refund up to a maximum of one year’s worth of payments made. If you have received service under your Membership, a refund up to a maximum of one year’s worth of payments made from the last service date will be issued to you.

Redecoration and Restoration Costs
Redecoration and restoration costs that are required as a result of work that is performed in connection with the Membership are not covered. These costs include redecoration and restorations related to wall-coverings, drywall, plaster, wallpaper, paint, floor coverings, tile, cabinetry, countertops, landscaping, or repair of any structural or cosmetic defects.

Additional items that are not covered by your Membership
parts; components not specifically listed in this Membership Plan Guide and Agreement or those related to a manufacturer’s recall; providing for or closing access to covered items (except those noted in the Membership Plan Guide and Agreement); equipment service or repairs related to inadequate or lack of capacity; improper installation; previous repair issues; design or other system or appliance modifications (unless performed by us under this Membership Plan Guide and Agreement); electronic, computerized or energy management systems or devices (such as “Smart House” service); maintenance, repair, or replacement necessitated by any loss or damage that results from any cause other than normal usage; loss or damage due to build-up of chemicals or sediment; misuse or abuse; unauthorized repair by other third parties not related to Unclog.it; failure to clean or maintain the equipment; rust, corrosion, insect infestation, mould, mildew or bacterial manifestations; missing parts; structural change; fire; freezing; electrical failure or surge; water damage; lightning; mud; earthquake; soil movement; windstorms; hail; theft; negligence; intentional acts; riot; accidents; pet or pest damage; acts of God; or failure due to excessive water pressure or any other perils that are not considered as loss or damage resulting from normal use; parts, components, units and/or any subassemblies that are covered by a manufacturer’s, contractor’s, builder’s, or installer’s warranty or reimbursement program; construction upgrade costs; carpentry or other modifications made necessary by existing equipment or the installation of different equipment; preventative maintenance; consumable items, including but not limited to, filters, fuses and replacement of spoiled food as a result of equipment failure or electricity outage.

Building and Zoning Code Requirements or Violations
If any current building or other code violations happen to be found prior to or during equipment diagnosis or repair, we shall not be required to repair or service said equipment until the necessary corrective work is completed by you and at your own expense. If you incur additional costs or expenses in an effort to comply with local, provincial, or federal law, we are not responsible for additional costs or expenses. Furthermore, we do not hold responsibility for servicing or repair of equipment if a permit cannot be obtained. We are not responsible for permit costs or other charges.

Hazardous Materials
We are not responsible for completing service of equipment involving hazardous or toxic materials including asbestos and lead. We are not responsible for the disposal of refrigerants or contaminants.

Equipment Not Readily Accessible by an Authorized Technician
When there are circumstances present where equipment, like a Heating Unit, is not readily accessible for an authorized technician we are not required to service this equipment. This includes, but is not limited to the following situations: Instances where equipment is located in a crawl space, attic, or an area where an authorized technician cannot safely or easily gain access. In such instances, service will not be provided and we will deem your equipment ineligible for service. If equipment is deemed ineligible for service under the Membership, we will terminate your Membership, subject to the information below. If no prior service was completed under your Membership, a refund up to a maximum of one year’s worth of payments made will be issued. If you have received service under your Membership, a refund maximum of one year’s worth of payments made from the last service date will be issued.

Standard Terms

Personal Information
Personal information is collected about you in an effort to establish and manage our business relationship with you as we as provide the correct services. Information with third parties is never knowingly shared without your permission, and the only information offered regularly is to service providers as well as credit information providers, parties to whom we transfer, assign, encumber, or otherwise dispose of this Agreement or in accordance with our Privacy Policy located at unclog.it/privacy-policy. The Privacy Policy can also be obtained by contacting our Privacy Officer. Knowing this information, you hereby: (i) consent to the collection, use, disclosure, and maintenance of personal information and consent to receiving commercial electronic messages and promotional offers (such as tips on how to run your home or place of business more efficiently and reliably, special money-saving offers available to customers, and news about products and services that we believe would interest you) in accordance with the terms of our Privacy Policy, you may opt out of thee communications at any time by contacting our Privacy Officer using the information below; (ii) authorize the use and disclosure of your personal information in an effort to verify your identity when you request information about your account by telephone or email; bill or collect payment; manage your account and/or supply services to you under this Agreement; review information about payments; provide authorized technicians and other companies that provide service under this Agreement with information; comply with law enforcement and/or a legal requirement; process past due accounts belonging to you that are with a debt collection agency; and undertake a credit reference check. We agree that results of any other personal information provided by or about you shall be handled by our company in accordance with applicable laws and the Privacy Policy; and (iii) we may record our telephone conversations with you and disclose that the call is being recording to achieve the purposes set out in this section. You may contact our Privacy Officer if you need to discuss this or if you have any questions or concerns related to the Privacy Policy offered by our company as well as details on how your information is being handled, or to request that your personal information be revised or removed from our promotional communications. Call 604-496-1661, e-mail privacy@unclog.it, or send via mail at: Andrew Henderson, Privacy Officer, Pure Mechanical Group Ltd., 1234 Address Ave, Langley, BC, V3R 4J5.

Technician Safety
If our authorized technician refuses to enter a residence because of unsafe conditions or due to animals, insects, unsanitary conditions, etc., or if they are unable to offer equipment service because of access issues, you will not be charged and we may decide to terminate your Membership. If no prior service was completed under the Membership, a refund up to a maximum of one year’s worth of payments will be made. If you have received service under the Membership, a refund up to a maximum of one year’s worth of payments made from the last service date will be issued.

Governing Law
This Membership Guide and Agreement is governed by and interpreted in accordance with and applicable therein with the laws of British Columbia and the federal laws of Canada.

Entire Agreement
This Membership Guide and Agreement, including any and all supplemental terms and conditions, letter(s) of welcome and renewal, as well as completed enrollment form(s) acts as the entire agreement between you and us. This information supersedes any and all prior agreements, understandings or discussions, whether oral or written, and there are no warranties, representations, or other agreements except if specifically set out herein.

In the event that there is a conflict or inconsistency between the information found on the enrollment form and this Membership Guide and Agreement, priority will be taken by this Membership Guide and Agreement to the extent of such conflict or inconsistency.

We reserve the right to assign any or all of our rights and obligations under this Membership Guide and Agreement. We also reserve the right to pledge the Membership Guide and Agreement or proceeds thereunder as security for any and all obligations without your permission. If you want to assign this Agreement to anyone else, our written consent to do so is required.

Notice can and will be provided to you by personal delivery, mail (including registered mail), phone or by e-mail if we need to contact you about your service or this agreement. If the e-mail addresses which you have provided us changes, you are required to provide us with your updated e-mail address.

Force Majeure
We hold no responsibility for failing to perform our obligations or for any loss that you experience related to this Membership Guide and Agreement in the instance that we are prevented from doing so by events or circumstances that are deemed beyond our control.

Updated 2007/08/15