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Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

Make the Most of a Small Bathroom When it comes to interior design and decorating, the smaller rooms tend to be the most challenging—and small bathrooms are no exception. When you’ve got limited space to work with, how do you make the most of it—ensuring a bathroom space that’s fully functional but also stylish and […]

Aging in Place: Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Aging in Place: Bathroom Remodeling Tips Are you familiar with the concept of aging in place? The basic idea behind it is that, as people age, their physical needs and limitations become more rigid—yet where past generations may have spent declining years in assisted living facilities or nursing homes, many individuals today prefer to stay […]

Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

Planning Your Bathroom Remodel A lot of the time, we receive calls from customers because there is something wrong with their plumbing, and they rather urgently need a fix. Sometimes, though, we receive calls for far happier reasons—for instance, a homeowner may be planning a bathroom remodel, finally getting the bathroom of his or her […]

Preparing for a Bathroom Remodel

Preparing for a Bathroom Remodel While we are not actually a remodeling company, we have helped many homeowners and contractors to install new plumbing fixtures, and even to overhaul the look of their bathroom. As such, we’ve seen a fair number of bathroom remodeling projects, in varying states of completion, and we know that it […]